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Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 | 0 comments

Top 5 Reasons To Say Yes To The 7-Day Slim Down

Top 5 Reasons To Say Yes To The 7-Day Slim Down

Stress Less Holidays

I can think a million reasons for you to join us for a group detox, but I’ve come up with my Top 5 that I think will help you make a decision and say YES! It feels so good to say YES don’t you think? Here we go.


One of the things we go-getters stress about the most is our weight. Ironically stress, whether it’s real or just made up in your head, produces cortisol, which is enemy #1 when it comes to weight loss.

As part of this 7-Day Slim Down you’ll practice stress management and eat healthy foods that will help reduce your cortisol levels so your body can burn fat all on it’s own. Brilliant!


I love doing group programs! Not only because it’s awesome for me to see your comments and posts in the forum, but also because it’s way more effective.

You are more likely to succeed in achieving a goal or making a change if you have social accountability. This is Science!

So grab an accountability partner like your best friend or office buddy, even your BF or husband. This is great for guys too!


If you’ve been following me for a while then you know how much I believe Sugar is the Devil! Let me make another bold statement: Sugar is stopping you from living up to your fullest potential…there I said it.

It seems awesome when it first hits your lips, but ultimately sugar messes with your energy, your clarity, and weighs you down with toxins.

The bloating, brain fog, headaches and weight gain are not normal…they are SIGNALS! They are your body’s way of saying… “Excuse me, but I’m a little overloaded with things to process. I could use a break.” That break is a detox!


There’s one thing I know for sure…Hormones Are Powerful. Your metabolism is just a fancy word for how your hormones are interacting together. And if  one is off, it’s like a domino effect on the others.

Insulin (blood sugar), cortisol (stress), ghrelin (hunger hormone), leptin (appetite regulation). These are just a few of the important (and powerful) factors that affect your metabolism and your ability to burn fat versus store fat.

These hormones are either out of whack or in balance depending on the information (food) your cells receive. I don’t think I have to spell it out, but this is a HUGE reason to do a detox!


The biggest challenge we face when it comes to weight loss is not processed foods or bigger waistlines, it’s our MINDSET! If we want to change our bodies and therefore our lives, we’ve got to shift our mindset first and foremost.

This is the stuff that lights me up and it’s why I do what I do. I want to show you there’s a different way to think about this. A different approach, a new perspective.

During this program you’ll receive daily emails from me focusing on one pillar of my holistic approach to health and weight maintenance. Some may be what you expect, but others will have you thinking, “Hmm, I never thought of it like that before.” Those aha moments are pure gold!

So whadduya think? Are you saying YES?!


For 7 days we’ll focus on real, whole, foods like lean organic protein, vegetables, berries, nuts and healthy fats. These healthy foods will help boost your body’s natural detox pathways so you can burn fat and reset your digestion and boost your metabolism.

HOLIDAY BONUS: You’ll have all the energy you need to keep up with the shopping, parties, and family obligations. Instead of feeling irritable, crabby and plain crazy, you’ll be the one keeping spirits high for all around you!

So enjoy your Thanksgiving and get ready to slim down.

The Holiday Detox begins December 1st!

Bring a friend, these things are way more fun when you have a buddy.

Register by November 21st…

so we can get your products to your doorstep before the Thanksgiving weekend!

See What You Get + Register HERE.

Lots of Love,


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