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5 Quick + Healthy Snacks

5 Quick + Healthy Snacks

Snacks are wonderful things. They can be a great way to balance blood sugar throughout the day and keep cravings at bay. But things can get out of hand if we aren’t careful. If grabbing a “quick snack” means something processed that lacks nutrients and contains refined sugars, then you could end up doing more harm than good. My advice is to plan ahead so you always have one of these nutrient-dense, energy-boosting snacks at the ready.

5 Quick + Healthy Snacks 

smashed avocado toast, healthy snack

#1 Avocado Toast

Choose gluten-free bread (Udi’s is great) or sprouted grain bread (Essentials and Ezekiel are both great). You can either spread plain avocado (about 1/4 to 1/2 should do) or add a dollop of guacamole. This is a wonderful snack as the fiber from the bread and the healthy fats from the avocado will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Sprinkle sea salt and red pepper flakes to spice it up!

hard boiled egg healthy snack

#2 Hard Boiled Egg

So long as you’re not allergic or sensitive to eggs, they make a great snack. Full of vitamins, protein and good fats. And it’s all wrapped up in a convenient package! Always look for pasture raised eggs…Conventionally-raised eggs have been shown to be up to 15X higher in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. We like our food to be ANTI-inflammatory. Also, check out my bestie’s blog post on how to boil the perfect egg and never struggle with that shell again!

homemade hummus healthy snack

#3 Veggies + Hummus

Classic healthy snack! The veggies are light and full of fiber and the hummus is rich with protein and good fats. You don’t need much of the hummus. A couple of tablespoons is plenty. And it’s MUCH better if you make your own hummus because you can use Anti-Inflammatory (didn’t I tell you?!) oil like first cold pressed olive oil instead of pro-inflammatory canola oil commonly used in store bought versions.

shake, healthy snack

#4 Shake

You guys know I love my USANA shakes for breakfast! But They’re great as a snack as well, especially right after a workout. They are a perfect balance of protein, carbs, fat and fiber! One serving is about 240 calories but you could always do 2 scoops instead of 3 for a smaller snack-sized portion. See flavors and details here.

handful of nuts, healthy snack

#5 Fruit + Nuts

Fruit and nuts are easy to keep on hand, either in your purse, gym bag or in your office desk. Try one small banana or something lower in sugar like berries or a peach. Half an apple is great as well. Adding a small handful of nuts will slow down the release of sugars in your system (aka lowering the glycemic load!). Don’t overdo it with the nuts…I added a pic above to show you what a small handful looks like 😉

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