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Eat This Not That For Energy

Eat This Not That For Energy

Eat this not that for energy svwellness

If you’re like most of my clients, having more energy is at the top of the list for your health goals. Your food choices can dramatically impact your energy levels throughout the day and even long term. So I put together a list of foods that zap your energy and ones that you can eat in their stead. Making these simple (and yummy) substitutions will energize you, which will make it that much easier to follow your dreams and live happy!


Substitution #1 – Less Coffee, More Water.

Coffee and caffeine give us a false sense of energy and tax our adrenal glands. You know that feeling when you finally get 8 hours of sleep and still wake up feeling tired? That’s your adrenals being worn out. Gradually wean yourself off coffee by substituting with green tea for a couple weeks. Then switch to herbal tea. And make sure you get at least 64 ounces of water to flush out toxins in the body that make you feel sluggish.

Substitution #2 – Less Crap, More Good Carbs.

Pretzels, chips, crackers, cookies, and candy. Whether you have a sweet tooth or crave salt, these snacks are all forms of processed carbs. Generally this means the fiber has been removed and refined sugars have been added. We might experience instant “energy” when we eat these, but within an hour we come crashing down. And the blood sugar roller coaster continues thereafter. Try eating berries + stone fruits like nectarines and plums. Or a handful of raw nuts if you want something less sweet. These are low-glycemic snacks that won’t spike your blood sugar. The fiber and protein content help you feel full longer and keep your energy steady.

Substitution #3 – Less Conventional, More Organic Meat + Eggs.

All of the energy we get from our food comes from the sun. Let that sink in.

Most conventionally raised egg-layers and moo-ers don’t see the light of day their whole lives and because of that are pumped with antibiotics to keep them alive.

This means your standard eggs + beef have more of the stuff you don’t want (antibiotics + hormones) and less of the stuff you do want (vit D + Omega 3’s). If you want better energy from your animal protein, I recommend buying organic for all meats + dairy. But eggs + red meat are especially great for energy, so choose pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed beef. They taste way better, too!

Substitution #4 – More Leafy Greens, Period.

I’ll say it again, all of the energy we get from our food comes from the sun. Green leaves are the only living thing that can turn sunshine into energy through photosynthesis.

If you want to feel more alive and have more energy, you’ve got to eat more greens.

Spinach, kale, collards, chard. This is the #1 thing you can do to improve your health and prevent disease. So add some spinach to your smoothie in the morning and serve your fish over a bed of steamed greens at dinner. Whatever you gotta do to get those greens.

Having more energy improves the quality of our lives. And it’s one of the primary benefits of  my online program Clean Up Your Diet. The program is all about feeling good, not deprived. And getting your energy back so you can boldly go after your dreams! Join me for a stress-less way to get healthy and be inspired by an awesome community of other smart, savvy, successful women who want to feel vibrant just like you. Get registered here.

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